New Concept of Cold Sesame Tantanmen! Easy Microwave Cooking Method

The miracle of ice and Sichuan pepper creates a new sensation of cold tantanmen!

Released on June 18, 2024, from FamilyMart’s private brand “Famimaru.”


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FamilyMart’s “Cooling Sesame Tantanmen with Sichuan Pepper Fragrance” features the aroma and numbing sensation of Sichuan pepper. After microwave cooking, ice and soup remain appropriately, making it easy to enjoy in a cold state. Priced at 406 yen (including tax, 438 yen), it is sold nationwide at FamilyMart stores.
This article focuses on frozen food.


The Story of the Rainy Season and the Aroma of Tantanmen

In June, the rainy season brings a gloomy mood over the entire city. At 6 PM, under heavy clouds, the cold rain continues to fall. I dislike rain, but the sight of it calms my mind. During such a season, I crave something refreshing. At a convenience store, I found “Cooling Sesame Tantanmen with Sichuan Pepper Fragrance,” which fulfilled this desire. The warm packaging caught my eye, and I grabbed it. As I walked home, I anticipated the flavors this cold tantanmen would bring. Amid the soothing sound of rain, I prepared to try this dish.


Family Mart’s “Szechuan pepper aroma and numbing chilled sesame tantan noodles” is a product with a mysterious concept: it can be cooked in a microwave and still be enjoyed cold. Microwaves from a microwave oven have the property of not melting ice easily, so this technology is used to create this product. This is a product idea that uses technology developed by the manufacturer, Nichirei, and is a truly original frozen food.

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Cooking method and first impressions

The moment I took it out of the bag, I was surprised to see that there was a lot of ice on top of the frozen noodles. I don’t think you would put it in the microwave in that state. However, I followed the instructions and started cooking it at 500W for 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Ice hardly melts even when cooked in a microwave. This is because the microwaves in a microwave oven have the property of not melting ice easily. By mixing the hot noodles with ice, the entire noodle becomes cold, creating the perfect chilled dandan noodles.

However, the food was still only half-thawed by the specified cooking time, so I extended the cooking time by about 2 minutes.

By the way, the calorie content is 433kcal.


The finished product looks like this!

The cold tantanmen noodles, soaked in milky soup, are less spicy due to their coldness, making them a dish that anyone can enjoy. Visually, the ice, reminiscent of melting snow in early summer, creates a cool feeling that whets the appetite. This bowl of noodles, which blows away the humidity of the rainy season in June, has the power to give a pleasant refreshing feeling and refresh the mind of the eater.

The noodles floating in the cold soup are as beautiful as melted snow in early summer. The transparent ice blends beautifully with the milky soup, providing a visually refreshing sensation. The chilling reduces the spiciness, making it delicious for anyone to enjoy. This bowl of ramen blows away the humidity of the rainy season and brings a refreshing sensation to the mouth. Not only is it refreshing to look at, but it also tastes great, and it can be said that it has the power to completely transform the humid air of the rainy season.


Will this product be a blessing or a curse? It was a fun time! Let’s eat!

When you put the cold noodles in your mouth, the first thing you notice is the milky soup with a hint of sesame. The soup is rich and creamy, but the moderate coldness makes it refreshing and easy to eat. The noodles have a firm texture, and even when cold, they don’t lose their firmness, making them satisfying to eat.

The tingling heat of the pepper that hits you after you eat is pleasant and the sensation that slowly spreads on your tongue is irresistible. This tingling heat accentuates the dish, allowing you to enjoy a unique flavor that is not just like cold tantan noodles. Overall, it is not only delicious, but also a refreshing bowl that will help you forget the heat.

The ingredients of this “Cold Sesame Dandan Noodles with the Aroma of Sichuan Pepper and the Numbing Taste” are also appealing. The crisp bok choy that entangles the noodles maintains its fresh texture even when cold. The minced meat is moderately spicy and goes perfectly with the sesame-flavored soup.

Even after the ice melts, the vegetables and minced meat retain their rich flavor, creating a perfectly balanced overall dish. The ingredients, which offer different textures and flavors, make this chilled tantanmen even more special.

To enhance the appearance, we topped it with a boiled egg. The boiled egg is placed so that it is entangled in the milky soup, and the yolk is moist, making it a perfect match for the soup. We chose a boiled egg because the mellowness of the egg yolk softens the spiciness, bringing out the tingling spiciness of the Sichuan peppercorns without upsetting the overall balance.

When you eat it, you will feel that the richness of the egg further deepens the flavor of the sesame and accentuates the contrast between the hotness and coldness. This is not just cold dandan noodles, but a delicious work of art where you discover a new flavor with every bite.

After you finish eating the noodles, you’ll be left with a milky soup. Adding rice to this soup opens up a whole new way to enjoy the flavor. The rich sesame-scented soup and rice are exquisitely intertwined, transforming it into a luxurious dish that’s almost like a creamy risotto. The slight tingling spiciness of the Sichuan pepper lingers, making it very satisfying to eat. With this bowl, you can enjoy the deliciousness until the last bite.

Thoughts after finishing the meal

After eating the chilled sesame tantan noodles, I was left feeling very satisfied. Although there were some concerns about the cooking method, the fact that it was easy to prepare and can be eaten whenever you want is a major plus.

The product itself was delicious, and I felt it was an enjoyable experience from preparation to eating. The special tray was especially convenient, and the fact that it can be thrown away after eating is a thoughtful design. This small consideration further increased the overall satisfaction.

It was a cup that I wanted to eat again and again!

Super big hit Σ(゚Д゚)


Thank you for the meal.
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