Plenty of Vegetables Garlic Mazesoba

Jiro-style Mazesoba: Experience FamilyMart’s New Garlic Mazesoba at Hom

Packed with extra garlic and plenty of vegetables, this new product was released by FamilyMart on November 21, 2023.


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Despite the indulgent nature, the abundance of vegetables might make you feel like you’re eating a salad. This time, I’m focusing on a frozen food product.


Introduction to Jiro-style rame

Jiro-style ramen, known for its thick, uneven noodles and rich tonkotsu soy sauce base, has gained immense popularity due to its robust flavors and satisfying textures. This ramen is not just a meal; it’s an experience that has captured the hearts of many ramen enthusiasts.

This unique approach expands the boundaries of food and offers a new dining experience. Jiro-style ramen is not just a meal, but is enjoyed as art. As a result, people never tire of it over time, and are drawn to its delicious taste and visual appeal.

Jiro-style ramen, which can only be found at a store, has gained popularity due to its unique characteristics and distinctive taste, and now its appeal is widely known through various media, and it can be easily tried at home. In the midst of all this, FamilyMart’s new “Plenty of Vegetables and Garlic Mazesoba” may not seem like anything new now, but FamilyMart’s unique approach is what makes it a magical product that draws us, the users.

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Cooking Instructions for Jiro-style Mazesoba

Cooking time is about 5 minutes and 30 seconds at 500W! The cooking procedure is very simple! First, make a small cut in the product bag and put it in the microwave as it is. In addition to the simple method, the main body is stored in a tray, making it extremely easy to use. It is truly a product that users can enjoy. This minimizes waste generation and attracts attention as an eco-friendly frozen food that is kind to the global environment. Furthermore, Jiro-style products, which are characterized by their extra thick noodles, are popular for their flavor and texture, but surprisingly, they are also exceptionally quick to cook for frozen noodles. This reflects the enthusiasm and efforts of the manufacturer, Nichirei Foods. It can be said to be a new era of frozen food that perfectly combines the fun of eating with environmental consideration.

However, the recommended time might be too short to fully revive the frozen thick noodles and vegetables. Extending the cooking time may be necessary. The dish contains 441 kcal.


The final product looks like this!

Jiro-style ramen was introduced to the world, quickly gaining immense popularity due to its powerful specifications. Many people eagerly embraced this culinary marvel. Food manufacturers didn’t ignore this phenomenon; instead, they respectfully adapted it across various platforms, allowing us users to repeatedly enjoy the experience.

With its rich, unique aroma that stimulates the appetite, and the mountain-like piles of vegetables that can be intimidating to behold, even if one fails to conquer it, the challenge serves as a stepping stone for future endeavors. This frozen food, FamilyMart’s respectful homage to Jiro-style ramen, may not be entirely new, but seeing it beautifully arranged in the tray brings back a fresh feeling.

The childish excitement and anticipation are unstoppable. Despite its excessive calorie content, people fall in love with this indulgent food. It might be an inherent trait of human nature.


Will this product be a hit or miss? It was a fun experience! Let’s dig in!

From the first bite, the aroma, taste, and texture all convey perfection.

Wonderful (●´ω`●)

The rich tonkotsu soy sauce base isn’t necessarily beautiful or stylish. However, the thick, uneven Jiro-style noodles are delightful and beautiful in their authenticity. The thick noodles perfectly absorb the soup, offering an exquisite, blissful experience.

The chewy texture of the thick noodles is so satisfying. You might feel like you could eat endlessly.As the thick noodles pass down your throat, the strong garlic aroma fills your nose. This sequence is unstoppable, leading to an almost instant consumption.

As an entry-level Jiro-style frozen food, the mere presence of ingredients is delightful. The smaller-than-usual simmered pork is tender enough to easily crumble when picked up with chopsticks, melting away in your mouth with a burst of flavor.

Packed with plenty of vegetables, the dish stands out as a main attraction rather than a mere oasis. True to its name, the frozen Jiro-style mazesoba contains a generous amount of vegetables, mainly bean sprouts and cabbage.

Egg yolk is an essential topping for this type of frozen noodles. However, simply adding an egg yolk to such a delicious bowl is too plain. This time, I prepared a soft-boiled egg. The mild flavor enhances the dish, conveying its deliciousness without needing many words.

Slurping the thick noodles fills your mouth with rich flavor and firmness. After finishing, the bottom of the tray still holds the rich tonkotsu soy sauce and the soft-boiled egg, leaving a lingering enjoyment. This is truly a feast for the senses. The soup blends perfectly with the noodles, creating a new, unique taste. It’s like a battle of diverse ingredients, with rice acting as a mediator.

But the story doesn’t end there. For the perfect finish, mayonnaise makes an appearance, symbolizing harmony and deepening the flavor of the soup. In the end, it leaves a lasting impression, securing a complete victory.

Final Thoughts

As a Jiro-style frozen food, the convenience of not having to clean up is a rare find. The product is meticulously crafted, offering rich flavors and satisfying thick noodles. Although it is slightly more expensive than other frozen noodles, it is well worth the price. Enjoying the final touch is essential.

A must-try dish that you’ll definitely want to order again!

Super big hit Σ(゚Д゚)


Thank you for the meal.
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